Transport your belongings to Spain

What’s the Best Way to Transport your Belongings to Spain – Part 1

The prospect of moving your entire life, including all your earthly belongings, to your new home might be a bit daunting, but it’s an essential step when making your journey from the overcast skies of UK to the sun-soaked beaches of Spain.

There are a number of different ways you can choose to make the move. With airports, shipping ports and an extensive road and rail network, there are solutions to keep costs down and reduce the time it takes to receive your possessions. But which is best for you? In this, the first of our two part guide, we take a look at your options.

Essential considerations

When transporting your belongings to Spain, a number of different factors come into play. For example, are there restrictions or quarantine on the items you plan to import? And what about customs fees? Then there are all the usual considerations to think about, such as the safety of your items and the amount of work involved in packing and picking up all your goods.

Naturally, the cost will be one of the main factors in your decision, and this can vary quite significantly as certain relocation options can offer substantial savings on larger items like vehicles and furniture.

Air freight

Flying your belongings to Spain as air freight is a relatively straightforward process, and with a range of airports situated around the country, there should always be a convenient location to choose from. Air freight is typically the most expensive way of moving your belongings overseas, but it is also the quickest, allowing you to receive your possessions within a week. This makes an excellent solution if money is no object or you need your belongings in a hurry.

There are a number of online comparison tools you can use to compare the prices of air freight providers; however, these prices are unlikely to include additional costs like insurance or handling fees, so make sure you factor everything in before you sign.

Shipping companies

Spain is one of the biggest countries in Europe for container shipping, which is great news if you’re planning your move. The five major ports of Valencia, Barcelona, Las Palmas, Bilbao and Bahia de Algeciras handle over 80 percent of the shipping containers that enter and leave Spain. The real benefit of shipping by container, when compared to air freight, is the cost, making it suitable for those with a smaller budget whose need for their goods is not quite so pressing. Shipping freight is slower than air freight, but shipping to Spain from the UK shouldn’t take much more than a week.

Again, prices can be found using comparison sites online and direct from the websites of international shipping companies. The prices you will pay are based on the size of the container you will need, rather than the weight. There are usually two container sizes to choose from, a 20-foot container and 40-foot container, although you can also share a container if you do not need quite so much space.

More to come…

In the next instalment of our guide to the best way to transport your belongings from the UK to Spain, we will take a look at the practicalities of road and train transport, explore the merits of using an international relocation company, and look at the customs process and any import fees you may have to pay.

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